About us

Who we are

ByggJobs was founded by the EHRAB Group, a Nordic based staffing and recruitment company, in 2018.  ByggJobs is a virtual marketplace for job seekers and employers within the construction-, civil engineering-, and network installation industry in Europe. Our aim is to offer reliable access to skilled and semi-skilled workforce to pan European companies.

Our motive

During the last decades, the European construction industry has been booming and experiencing difficulties in finding skilled labour. Many companies have been sourcing across borders to allocate resources needed. As a result of high demand, many foreign contractors obtained their labour from the Eastern European market and turned their businesses towards Scandinavia. The un-regulated market resulted in the ability to exploit European tax-regulations, such as the cross-border placement act, which consequently affected the construction labour market and the outcome was social dumping, lack of control and subsequently exploiting human labour. ByggJobs.app was founded by the EHRAB Group, focusing on sustainability and social responsibility. ByggJobs´s objective is to offer a platform where employees and employers can be matched in a professional and sustainable manner. Our long-term goal is to eliminate social dumping within the construction industry, throughout offering a virtual market place focusing on transparency, care and control.